Sponsorship With MGC

Bringing gamers and sponsors closer then ever before. Our company will reach out to other company's and let them know that you would be a perfect match for their product ! We do this for our in house Sponsored gamers.
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Responsive Web Design

Responsive and clean with exquisite design and flexibility. We give you the power to build your following on any device. With our responsive design layout our website looks amazing on computer , tablets , and mobile.
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All in one network

The power of all the "BIG" social networks wrapped into a gaming network. We have key features such as ; Gaming News , Buy and sell , Music , Videos . Socialize to a gaming community hasn't been easier !
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Our Features All in one gaming network .

My Gaming Career connects facebook and twitter , simply make a post and have it sent to all your fans. Do you want Items with your brand on it ? We can do that for you !


Gain more views on your YouTube videos by uploading them to MGC . Every time another gamer adds your video to their playlist the more exposure you receive on YouTube.


Do you write blogs ? Cant gain views ? Join us today and start sharing your thoughts to the gaming world. Start earning a income from your blogs. Learn more by joining the blogging department.


Sharing music has never been faster and safer. Instantly Upload / Download / Share the music you love as a gamer. Add songs to your profile MP3 player and let gamers know what kind of music you jam out to while your gaming !


Are you looking for clan members ? Well Join today and find the perfect clan members today ! Our website is designed to give you the most highly recommended gamer to add to your team ! Each gamer is individually rated by the community , so you know you will find the right match .


Instantly search though our data base for the perfect gaming photo for your next project !


Looking for gaming products ? Look no farther ... Our community has what your looking for ! MGC users are always selling items , search our listings now !

Play Games

Wanna play games for free ? Check out our wide variety of games we have to offer to you for free!

Gaming Pages

Just like other BIG social networks we offer gamers to follow their favorite games by joining a gaming page. Want to run your own gaming page for your favorite game ? We give you the tools so you can start your own gaming page. Add your friends to your page and share it to all your social networks to gain the maximum exposure.


Want your team to have a place to socialize? Easily create a gaming group and add your team to it . Set the permissions to allow only team member can find you or have it as a open community. You will find our features exceed your needs to have a affect team base .