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Male. Lives in Kahaluu, United States. 23 years old. Married.
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Just a local boy that’s loves to game 🙏🏽
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Let’s get a RIP in the comments for this man I destroyed with everyone else that was in there 😭😂🙏🏽 an Goodmorning/afternoon everyone 🤙🏾
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That moment you thought you had quad grav slam but a teammate died
Supportive Creators
JUST IN CASE we missed any of you, we’re inviting our entire friends list to join a great group right here on MGC! The Supportive Creators group! If you’ve already joined then good on you! If not, WHA...View More
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Supportive Creators
Hello new friends! Thank you so much for the add! Please feel free to check out our group & join up if you haven’t already.
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