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Male. Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. 34 years old. Married.
Indie Supporters
11 members Communities
This group is for those that play indie games, and love to support their developers. If you would like to be a part of the community you can apply here https://discord.gg/JvAmQt8. Featured streamers here will be only those who play an indie game. Developers,  if you are wanting your game featured in the banner at the top, please do, reach out to Fumbles. #RealSupport
Warrior Legion Gaming
6 members Communities
Warrior Legion Gaming is a gaming community/clan for streamers, gamers, and content creators to get together and grow.  We host monthly gaming events, have giveaways, and just enjoy spending time gaming and streaming together.  Our focus is to help others grow.  A Legion is only as strong as its members, so we must grow in numbers and help each member to grow to make our Legion stronger!         Warrior's must follow a strict code of conduct while within the legion and while representing the legion.  Any member found in violation of the Warrior Code of Conduct shall be removed.   Warrior Legion Gaming  
Support For Support
34 members Twitch
Here Were are Created to help Grow your MGC and your Community With making new Freinds that Last! i want the group to have fun follow each other and send positive Vibes to all ! 
MGC Community Group
128 members Organization
MGC ORG Welcome to MGC's Group! We are asking for your help and showing everyone that MGC groups has value for growing an ORG. Please help us fill this group up with content.
126 members Communities
We are a gaming and content creation community dedicated to support our members and each other on Twitch, Mixer & YouTube! We also want to help our community members connect with other content creators and gamers providing a respected and open environment to learn and grow together.