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Female. Born on March 28. is married to Goochster007.
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We are a gaming and content creation community dedicated to support our members and each other on Twitch, Mixer & YouTube! We also want to help our community members connect with other content creators and gamers providing a respected and open environment to learn and grow together.
Supportive Creators
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Thank you for joining our MGC group page! We are Supportive Creators and we believe in #realsupport This is helping promote ALL content creators who strive to build there communities. This is being active in people’s chats. This is supporting as your time allows in whatever capacity you’re able to give of yourself. Our ultimate goal is to truly help our members achieve dreams.Come hang out in our Discord for a truly interactive experience & network with SC's most loyal/supportive family members! https://discord.gg/vsGbnyR
Violent Mentality
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Violent Mentality is a North American based orginization who's sole purpose is to provide a mature and fun gaming atmosphere for all gamers alike, while dominating the ranks of the games we play. Our community, which is not like most others, is very family oriented and we look out for one another at all times. We support everyone here in our community; whether they are a casual gamer, competive gamer, streamer or military veteran. Our goal is to simply bring people together through the love of gaming. We also wish to provide friendly competition to the other teams we play against, and strive to do our best and rank as high as we can. Above all else though, having fun is our number one priority. Winning is our goal, but should we lose; we will lose with dignity, and honor those who bested us on the virtual battlefield. Despite our name, we will always show a manner of respect to those who face us, lose to us, or even best us at our own game. We are gamers, we are people, we are Violent Mentality.
Yo! Check This Out
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Video game and comedy podcast talking about the amazing journey these friends take together through cyber space. That stopped being a podcast, or funny, or smart... and just plays video games now. They make music sometimes... but they are REALLY lazy. Prepare to be uncomfortable. We generally just play PUBG and bust each other's chops all the time.
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A Homegrown Gaming Org We're here to help you start and continue streaming, recording, editing your gameplay, music, art! Check us out https://iceblocksixgaming.com JOIN our Discord! https://discord.gg/MuE9mmt #IBVIGO
The Caulls Universe
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Official MGC Team Page for JayCaullsLearn more about myself, my schedule and the games I play!Follow now and don't miss out!www.twitch.tv/jaycaullswww.twitter.com/stdxjaycaullswww.facebook.com/jaycaullswww.youtube.com/jaycaulls
RAW Gaming Community Guild
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This is the future home page for the RAW Gaming Community Guild. If you are already in the RAW Gaming Community, please request an invite. https://discord.gg/XxBUWKW Path of Exile Guild - Filthy Casuals Filthy Casualz World of Warcraft - Nightbane Destiny 2 - RAW Gaming
RAW Gaming Network
The Twitch Stream Community
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A place for all twitch streamers to come and post anything twitch related. You can link to your twitch when you're live or about to go live for others to stop by and say hello. Or if you need any help with setting up your stream or have any issues. All are welcome.