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Female. Born on March 28. is married to Goochster007.
Twitch Hype
29 members Twitch
Thank You for purchasing our Twitch Boost Membership! We are going to host raids from this group on MGC RaidTV!
5 members Twitch
https://discord.gg/vNFXwa We are a collection of people who only aspire for creative freedom and equality for all content creators, whether you are a video game streamer, a creative art visionary, or just need a place to relax and unwind. For simply being in this community, you are part of our family, and we look out for each other. As this community grows, we would always like to ensure the safety of our members, and that their voices will be heard, and that you will never be alone as long as you're here. Your time here at Resolute will not be a waste. While you are a part of us, whether you're a long term member or a quick visitor, we hope to help you reach success in any way we can help; whether, that be affiliate, partner, or celebrating a huge milestone. With the way our system is set up, we prioritize your content over everything else.
42 members Esports
Hard working eSports and Entertainment Organization; Working hard to be the best! Welcome to the J4L Organization's official MGC Group Page.At J4L we strive to be the best we can be and how do we do that you ask? We work together as a whole, a family if you will. The J4L Organization is based around gaming and also streaming gameplay on Youtube and/or Twitch. We are also now beginning our journey in to the UMG world of gaming with comp teams for the PS4 , so stay tuned for times when our streamers will be live! Last but not least J4L Org is always recruiting so feel free to message on here, or dm our Twitter page!
J4L Mastah23
Air Drop Crates
Twitch Dynasty
39 members Twitch
Here in Twitch Dynasty we try to teach streamers how to truly network with others by chatting, creating bonds, and supporting each other in their efforts to be a better streamer! The first step starts with you, and everything else will come naturally after!
Red Planet Brigade
10 members Communities
From beyond the stars, and across the miles streamers, viewers, and friends have come together for a shared purpose, to be in a community where no matter your numbers, or who you are you were welcomed. MartianKat created this community to celebrate her friends and those others out there they feel a bit alien in the wild world of online gaming.