Male. Lives in Kansas, United States. 27 years old. Married.
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The world is in need of a fresh outlook in the gaming spectrum. For too long have we forgot what gaming was about. Zexie is here to bring it all back home. Gaming, Family, Community, respect, and freedom are what being a gamer use to be about. In the now we have cyber bullies and trolls everywhere on the internet. With Zexie Gaming you are safe and as a family should we have your back. A new age is upon us. Get ready and as always STAY ZEXIE!
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Thank you for joining our MGC group page! We are Supportive Creators and we believe in #realsupport This is helping promote ALL content creators who strive to build there communities. This is being active in people’s chats. This is supporting as your time allows in whatever capacity you’re able to give of yourself. Our ultimate goal is to truly help our members achieve dreams.Come hang out in our Discord for a truly interactive experience & network with SC's most loyal/supportive family members! https://discord.gg/vsGbnyR