by on November 28, 2018
Well Valic thought I should post something about this so here it is. Company: Pound Technologies/Limited Run Games Price : $29.99 + Shipping So, I was tempted to get this since I still have my old PS2 laying around and I was getting tired of trying to get component or composite cables working on my TV. When this came out I decided to give it a shot and see how the quality is. For the build this does connect to the back of the PS2, the box has 2 connectors, One is a mini-usb connector for the power and an interesting trick you can plug the other end of the USB cable to the front of the PS2 and still be able to get power. The HDMI connector is a breakaway cable so even using a HDMI cable you own will do as well, mind you it does come with a 6 foot HDMI cable with it and it does the job nicely for me. The manual is small for this thing, but most of the troubleshooting your going to need is in the small manual. The Video quality, is in my opinion as good as running component cables to it possibly a little better, even better it is a little dark for PS2 systems, but it is still worth it and you can play your PS1 games as well to get an amazing effect as well. This also works for PS1 systems but you will have to be able to connect the USB cable to a power outlet like most that have a Mini-USB connection to them. Bottom line for this, for the price it is a very good connector for your PS1 and PS2 games, and not have to worry about the old cables ever again. The cable costs $29.99 plus shipping at https://limitedrungames.com/products/pound-technology-ps2-ps1-hdmi-cable
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Ryan Miller
I have these cables , They do give me faster speeds and better quality!