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s we keep on reviewing games, we increasingly enjoy it.
Introduction to Fungoids
Today We have had the opportunity to review Fungoid from JimjamesGames.
Another arcade\retro style game, where you play as a UFO.
The initial introduction of the game is very well placed. As you join the game in the main screen it will tell everything you need to know about what the game is about.
Gameplay of Fungoids
After playing the game for several hours, it really did test my ability to manoeuvre the craft. The gamplay was structured like your normal retro arcade game. I thought to myself,” this would be much easier with a joystick or controller.
I would recommend adding, this functionality into the game at a stage, as it will be becoming increasingly more difficult to play the game.
I have not yet found any bosses to battle, however I was stuck in one stage due to my lack of arcadeness .
Graphics of Fungoids
Another section that I had a look at was the graphics of the game, this came to no amazement to me, that the games graphics was also retro style graphics.
It would not be retro if it didn’t have the signature graphics to back.
However, the good design and textures were done quite well, you will notice a lot of work was put into this.
Colors and contrasts of these colors were added to perfection, this has also added the feeling of a real retro and space alien game in the end.
Sound in Fungoids
Lastly what I had a look at would be the sound effects of Fungoids. As you enter the game sounds are immediately thrown to you, with the excitement of the retro world and aliens.
Another well put together section of the game. I don’t really have much to say about the sound as for me , it was implemented perfectly.
Fun factor/replay ability of Fungoids
This game was fun to play, however if you are not a fan of the retro style games, you will not enjoy this game.
For all those older bloaks, this will be a must play game and many hours will be put in.
The overall rating, I would give this game is 6/10
Outro for Fungoids and final findings
Even though the rating is not amazing, it is a must buy game if you wish to enjoy some retro arcade games .
You can hit them up and support this devs on Steam:
Thanks for joining me in my journey and always remember to have fun.
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