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What is MGC?

MGC gaming social network was created to give gaming content creators a place to network and grow their careers. This is achieved by many different features and functions of

Below are some of the many different ways MGC can help promote, grow, & elevate your Twitch and YouTube channels.

  • Networking: Find friends, fellow creators, and groups that match your style of gameplay and ideology, allowing you to collaborate and learn from one another.


  • Exposure: Detailed profile full of information including what consoles you play on, links to all your associated sites allowing you to be found quickly and easily. Tapping your new found friends, followers, and groups for support allowing you to grow and in return helping them grow by supporting them. Teams are always stronger than individuals and MGC allows you to find and build teams that will take you to the top.


  • Subscriptions: Powerful monthly member packages that allow you to link your live stream to your news feed, having MGC placing your live stream to other members news feeds, to having a custom video made for you each month to keep your content fresh and new.


  • MGC Support: The staff at MGC are well versed in many different facets of content creating and will offer insight, support, and technical troubleshooting on streaming and content creating issues to get you back into the game.


MGC Features:

Detailed Profile: 

  • Basic Information: This is where you can put your Location, State, City, Zip, Gender, DOB, and Relationship Status. Keep in mind your location and age will show up under your name on your profile page so if you want to keep that private do not fill it out. (This information is optional.)


  • Find Me On: This is where you can place all your URL links to your sites to allow other MGC site members to find you and show you support. It includes entries for Organization, Mixer, My Website, YouTube, Discord, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. Fill out as many or as few as you like, but the more links you provide the easier it will be for others find you. (This information is optional.)


  • About Me: 


The "About Me" entry is a great place to tell everyone what more about yourself like the types of games you like to play, your console gamer tags, and why you are passionate about gaming. (This information is optional.)


The "My Gaming Setup" entry allows you to share what equipment you have in your content creating arsenal. Include things like your rig and its components, microphone, webcam, monitors, chair, ect. (This information is optional.)


The "My Favorite Game" entry allows you to share your ultimate favorite game of all time. (This information is optional.)


The "Current System I Play On" allows you to check off what you use to stream and create your content. (This information is optional.)


The "My Favorite Gaming Event I Have Been Too" entry allows you to share your favorite game of all time. (This information is optional.)


The "Workplaces" entry allows you to share where you work and have worked. This allows you to connect with others in your profession or field of work. (This information is optional.)


The "Current Place I'm Living" entry allows you to share where you live. How cool would it be if you had someone close to you that you could actually meet and collaborate with? (This information is optional.)


The "Places I Lived" entry allows you to share where you once lived. (This information is optional.)


Find Users:

  • Member of the Month:  This member has shown the qualities of being a great content creator and support of the community. They are definitely someone you want to make a connection with.


  • Featured Members:  These individuals are some of the up and coming content creators on our site! They are featured because they know how to use the tools on the MGC site and are great at supporting others.


  • Members Ratings & Review: This page allows you to read reviews of MGC site members. It is a great tool to find content creators that have impressed others and allows you to write reviews when you find someone that impressed you with their epic skills.


  • My Friends:  This page shows you all of the members that you made a friend connection with. These are your fans and you are theirs and this is what is at the heart of the MGC site is all about. Networking, connecting and supporting.


  • Members Birthday:  This page shows you all of the members that are celebrating their birthdays today and ones that will be happening in the near future. Why not wish them a Happy Birthday! Who knows you might just find another great support member.



  • Following a User: Following another user, is very important. Doing so places all their post on your news feed. Knowing when someone is going live or has made an announcement that they have uploaded new content to a site is what the MGC site is all about. How can you support them if you do not know what they are doing or what they have done?



  • Joining Groups:  Joining groups is a great way to meet new people. There are many groups to choose from and they can focus on many different ways of supporting their members. Find a group that you can make a connection with and join. These are going to be your support family. If you are a member of a group you can post your announcements, ask for help,  and watch some great content right on the page.


  • My Groups:  If you do not see a group that you feel a connection to you can create your own and attract others to join you. Building a team is easy all you have to do is click the round green button with a + sign on it at the top right of the page, then choose the type of team you wish to create. There are currently 6 different focuses and they are Multi-Platform, E-Sports Team, Clans, Guilds, Professionals, and Streaming. 


I hope this helps in explaining the core features of the MGC site and how they will help you with your gaming career!

Thank you for reading,

Richard Keen aka Talking Nerdy



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