Braden Gilbert
by on April 30, 2019

This post was seen on twitter 14 days ago. seemingly not anything of importance, the community moved on with it's life. Daniel Hagelin, a video editor for Dreamhack, publishes CSGO content regularly. It was not until 4/30/2019 that the CSGO developers reached out and pluched this old comment up and threw it into the spotlight.  The CS:GO developers, reaching out to engage with the community through this old content. The fact that it is OLD content, could mean that this was a targeted post.  MAYBE gaben is looking to release a new operation, the last one saw the release of DangerZone, CS:GO's rendition of the now famous battle royal game mode.


I do not think, this is earth shattering, I do not believe Gaben is planning a Source 2 over haul of CSGO, and I do not believe the community is satisfied with the current game state.....


But then again... I didnt believe a battle royal mode would be released... sooo... lets go half life three!!!!

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