Braden Gilbert
by on August 15, 2019

Welcome to yes we know the name is hella long... we are working on that. But please let me explain a few things first. The next bit will have a lot of game-related references, see how many references you can find.

World 1-1   

Hey you, you're finally awake and I'm glad to see you were able to make it through signups. I want to be the first to congratulate you on joining the best community for Gamers, Streamers, Memers, and Dreamers. We are not a community for finding your lost cat named Jonesy. Instead, we are a social network with esport teams, streamers, professional & semi-professional esport players, casual gamers, D&D clubs, card game fans, Wasteland Wanderers, Indy Developers, Dragon Born, Guardians, Mid-Laners and Junglers, Italian Plumers, and soldiers that fly like bricks.

Gaming is a unique term that includes many different types of people who all share, in one way or another, the desire to connect and explore worlds, realms, and the far reaches of space. We understand this and want to make sure everyone has a place here on

Centralized Social Network for Streamers 

Streamers can integrate their streams directly into where they build their following. Why should a streamer have to tweet and share their link begging for viewers when their viewers can socialize and view all in one place?

If you are a streamer and want to make it big, head over to Memberships where you can have your stream marketed to everyone on the platform.

*This is our only form of monetization, it funds the entire platform.

  Get the Latest Memes and News for Gamers

Gamers just want to connect, we are tired of being monetized and beaten down for every penny we have. I built to be the place I would want to hang out. No charging to signup or post, no ads to clog up your news feed, and most importantly it works. This isn't some promise to be awesome later *cough* Tod Howard *cough*, we are awesome now!

  Viewers matter more than you think-

Viewers and esport enthusiasts matter a lot when it comes to content creation and competitive play. Without them, this industry would be nowhere. We want to let you connect and be more than just a traveler who took an arrow to the knee.


My Gaming Career is not run by a million-dollar board of executives or silicon valley business giants. We are a very small team of dedicated gamers who want to put in more than we take out. We held the controller and built a home for all gamers, now it is your turn to help us reach maximum potential.

--Take this time to go to your profile and fill in what types of games you like and what console you play on.

--Click "Find Users" and friend those who have been active recently.

--Invite some friends and check out the meme emporium,

--Finally, check out your news feed, and comment on some of the awesome things we have going on.

We will continue to develop the best social network for gamers, We hope you will stick around and invite everyone you know...


This time... the cake is not a lie.



See you on the Server.

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Ps: If you have ANY issues on the platform please feel free to add and message me or Ryan Miller.



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Much love brand new here, excited to see what mgc is all about. Referring in from rocketing streamers discord