by on June 30, 2020
I've played mmorpgs my entire life, runescape being among these, I played with it about 2009 but abandoned after finishing dragon slayer on my first account. I went through A LOT of mmos, including the same"big 4" that every comment on this reddit advocates. Mmos that weren't really popular loved each and every bit of it. For the past five years I did nothing but jump between mmos but not one of them eventually got me hooked, played less than a month, not putting enough hours cuz it wasn't enjoyable for me and just quitted and came back 3 weeks later for the identical sequence.
Little than 2 months back I was scrolling twitter and came with a screenshot of both runescape 3 and I thought"wth is RuneScape currently?" After believing for like 5 minutes, installed it and tried it out with a new account. I have to say, thank god, I discovered my time-waster match I looked for. Started as a f2p afterward bought the sub just like 1 week in. Quests obtained revamped, a great deal of things have shifted. Sure there are a LOT of yet another lot that are pretty awful and things that are beneficial. One of those being microtransactions, which the way I view it, it is not even applicable, folks that still plays this after so many years are maxed out. To me it doesn't matter if they are however because most of RuneScape game is kinda single participant, so that wipes any type of competition. I really can't see where the"p2w" aspect of the microtransaction system actually provides you an edge over people that has already pretty much got each and every thing in RuneScape game so you won't ever be a"world " for nearly 99% of it.
You pay, you move you do not pay, you go ordinarily, but the destination of this paths lead you to are the specific same. To complete up this. I'm having a blast with RS3, OSRS is a good one too. Neither of them is far better than another one because they're completely different, certain very same title, same skilling system, etc.. However, fight, quests, the world and other items are different. So, with all this said. Cheers! This is my first long comment on reddit, my english is not very good but I hope I wrote all this properly and it is understandable.
Old School Runescape is more populated than Runescape 3. In Runescape 3 leveling up skills is much quicker but there are more skills in RuneScape match to level up. OSRS has graphics while Runescape 3 has advanced graphics. Technically Runescape 3 includes more content however OSRS is more of a sandbox whilst Runescape 3 still is, it's more linearity to it's content that's provided. Both matches have communities as well. OSRS has no microtransactions. I would say study info on RuneScape games before making your choice on which to commit too. OSRS is hailed as the game that was more popular and much better, but that's the private opinions of everybody. You may really enjoy RS3 better but you also do you. It's your responsibility to see not or if you prefer RS3 more, although I recommend OSRS myself.
OSRS is an incredible game. There is a ton of content, the battling is astonishingly in depth at high levels for how simple RuneScape game looks/seems on it's face. It's also nice because though gold is important and you may directly pay for it, the huge bulk of the stuff you are going to be working towards is basically just getting better in RuneScape downloading and game content via doing quests/beating bosses/etc. Your account has a lot of small checkboxes that offer perks, and around doing them, you need to go. Quests offer a real life useful reward beyond only XP. There is also a lot of really interesting/strange minigames which go beyond fight or just questing. RS3 attempts to mimic some of it, but I think by modernizing it dropped a lot of it has allure, and EXTREMELY leans heavily to the money store.
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