I have already applied for a Community Management role in a more professional context, but I wanted to more informally introduce myself on your clear platform of choice and in a less professional format!

My name is Samantha Venia Logan, but my friends call me Venia. My gamer tag is Venia_Forvess, and honestly pretty much any of these is fine.

I am very interested in what is growing here and would like to see more throughout the community management process if you're willing.

I am a very accomplished full stack marketer personally trained by DigitalMarketer's Ryan Deiss and an accomplished community manager. I run the online community RESCQU.NET which is a closeted and stealth community for LGBTQ+ gamers.

Because of gaming's power to provide identities you can try out, the LGBTQ+ community spends a lot of time on MMOs and in RPGs.

If you'd like to know more about me you can view my website here :) I look forward to meeting you all!
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