ImmenZ eSports
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ImmenZ eSports is a growing org with interests in many competitive areas of games as well as casual parts. Our competitive teams are dedicated to learning and improving its expertise in their respective games while also having fun in them. Their goals to become pro players and to be the best in what they love. The Stream team and other members putting their efforts into enjoying games in the casual aspects of games to show people too that competitive isn't the only focus of the org and to just have a chill time in any game. We are all here to promote the values of the org. Which is to improve, enjoy games, create respectful and fun atmosphere and to win and learn. We are all here to support one another as a community of gamers doing what gamers do. If interested in joining as apart of the org please contact Outbreak#7230. If you wish to join the discord all are welcomed. Please follow us on twitter and twitch. More platforms will be listed as we expand. We are an NA/EU organization as well. Twitter: @ImmenZEsports
Fear Lucid
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Professional Competitive Gaming Team #LucidVibes | Owned by Willzzz & Treavyon | Inquires:
Ryan Miller
Inception Esports
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Welcome to the Inception Esports. Inception Esports started in 2014 as a small community for a 2D fighting game called Brawlhalla. As we started to get more attention in the game our numbers grew. 2017 was our biggest year when we converted to a full going Esports Organization. Our numbers in September 2017 were at 300 members and now we are at 2900 and growing quickly! Our goal is growth for our members. We want you to have a positive, fun, and an overall awesome experience here. Please fill out the form below as we want to get to know what you are all about! After you finish the form please in the visitor channel and we will review your application as soon as possible! Thank you for your interest in Inception Esports and prepare to become Inceptionized!