Male. Lives in United States.
My Gaming Setup
CPU: Intel i7-6700
GPU: nvidia gtx 1070
Elgato HD60
Logitech g430 headset
Logitech C920
Logitech f402 hyp...View More
About Me
Heyo there! Im savage, some people call my savvy and I sometimes stream on twitch. Im a cool dude an...View More
Supportive Creators
JUST IN CASE we missed any of you, we’re inviting our entire friends list to join a great group right here on MGC! The Supportive Creators group! If you’ve already joined then good on you! If not, WHA...View More
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Supportive Creators
Very happy to connect with you on MGC! If you haven’t yet, please feel free to check out our group page. Join up if you’d like to connect with our awesome family as well. Happy networking gamers!
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Supportive Creators
Thanks for adding us! We would love for our new friends to check out the SC group on MGC where you can make even MORE friends! Come say hi!
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Ryan Miller
Welcome to MGC , We are a social network for gamers.
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