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Male. Lives in Jessup, Maryland, United States. 19 years old.
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Aspiring twitch streamer here who mainly streams MMOs/MMORPGs. I have a strong passion for both gami...View More
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Come join the classic experience boys... CLASSIC WOW WAITING ROOM | ROGUE LEVELING https://mixer.com/Trenco #WoWClassic #Warcraft #worldofwarcraft
Supportive Creators
JUST IN CASE we missed any of you, we’re inviting our entire friends list to join a great group right here on MGC! The Supportive Creators group! If you’ve already joined then good on you! If not, WHA...View More
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Supportive Creators
Apologies if you’ve already joined our awesome MGC group. We just want to make sure all our wonderful friends have the opportunity to join and be a part of our family. If you’re already a member we’d ...View More
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